As we are willing to move closer to the root of our issues, we can begin to lead more conscious, engaged lives. My goal is to help you accomplish this. Whether you're facing an ongoing struggle, enduring a crisis, or feeling stuck in your relationship, career or life, you have the power to move in a positive direction.

I make it a priority to listen to, support and encourage my clients, but also challenge them to find their inner strengths and power. I am an understanding, creative and collaborative therapist, and I make sure my office atmosphere is always comfortable, warm and inviting.

I offer a blend of talk therapy with visualization, art and mindfulness approaches. My areas of specialty are grief, anxiety, depression, PTSD and relationship/sexual identity issues. My expertise is focused on helping people recovering from surgery, or other traumas, and feeling disconnected to their old selves.

Therapy is more than just working through the problems that are in front of us – it involves learning about ourselves, clarifying our values, developing the courage to make difficult changes and finding a fulfilling path.

Take a look at my blog for guidance on how to choose a psychotherapist. Call or email me for a consultation. 310.492.5005.

My office provides good privacy both coming and going. Some evening and weekend appointments are available. I work with all PPO plans.

I look forward to meeting you.