Do you have an ongoing pattern in your life that you can’t get beyond? An event in your life that continues to play itself out in your everyday life? A relationship that has floundered for too long? A fear or resistance to changing habits that put your health in danger? Or would you like to learn the skills to be able to help others overcome these issues? Come spend several hours working with others finding our strengths, resolve and wisdom to free the energy that we know is within us to create a more positive enriching life – using a revolutionary ShadowMap process developed by Larry Levi, MFT. The workshop will include a mix of the following:

  • Visualization Meditation
  • Drawing and Dialogue to reveal underlying feelings
  • Identifying an awareness of the underlying issues that keep you “stuck”
  • Finding new pathways and resources to move beyond your issues

No workshops are currently scheduled. Call or email me to inquire about the next workshop. 310.492.5005.