"The R. family want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for helping us in our healing process and learning to communicate. We are so happy that we were lead to your services and able to open our hearts to new things. Thanks so much."

- Couple struggling after a recently lost pregnancy.

"I am swimming in turbulent waters. Yes, turbulent waters, and yesterday I started to feel like just surrendering to those waters. That is to say that instead of trying to get out my will decided that I just stay with with the turbulence. I think I just didn't see the shore to go back to. But, for a while your office has become my shore."

- Elderly client with an ailing partner.

I began to see Larry Levi, MFT as a result of a significant trauma that occurred in my life.  Prior to working with Larry I felt that therapy would not offer any lasting solution for my concerns.  I have realized through working with Larry that I was quite mistaken.  I  have discovered real world strategies for better understanding and addressing my emotional patterns and various other new ways for problem solving in a complicated world.  Although, I began with a specific issue that I wanted help with I have learned much more about myself that has helped in a variety of ways.

Larry's presence in the sessions is very comfortable, trusting and supportive and I feel no pressure to continue my treatment and/or to discuss anything that would prefer not to share.  The skill set that makes Larry stand out is his approach to understanding my reason for coming and making sure that as we go along the changes that I would like to see are being addressed.  We often at the end of sessions will discuss new tools to try and then follow-up with the previous recommendations to be sure that any advice given is still helping.

I highly recommend Larry Levi for his services.

- Matt G.

After years of talk therapy, I was feeling blocked in several areas of my life. I worked with Larry Levi who used an approach of talk and art therapy. It was amazing how quickly and effectively it changed my mood from one of sadness and inertia to a brighter and more engaged outlook. Larry's ability to have me transfer my feelings onto paper made the path seem clearer and as a result, I continue to flourish in both my relationship and career.

- Carol F., Medical Office Manager, Santa Monica

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